Sweetness Day gift ideas for bae

Soooooo October 20th is Sweetest Day. What is Sweestest Day anyway? Some will argue it’s a brilliant marketing scheme cooked up by the greeting card giant, Hallmark. Others think it’s just Valentine’s Day reincarnate. Sweetest Day’s was actually created in October of 1922, when a group of volunteers and a kind-hearted confectioner named Herbert Birch Kingston, passed out over 20,000 boxes of candy to the poor and the orphans in the Cleveland, Ohio. Since then Sweetest Day gifts have gone far beyond the standard sugary snacks.

Chances are you have nothing planned and feel like this is just a made up holiday. There’s also a chance your favorite person in the world is still expecting something sweet on this day. Don’t forget the mountain of facebook posts showing people around the globe being showered with gifts and being pampered in one way or another. So much pressure… Don’t fret! This post is dedicated to helping you with gift ideas for that perfect surprise. Trust me, your boo will thank you later!

Matching T-shirts is ultra cheesy but one of the cutest gestures for bae. Sweetness day is the perfect time for the mushy stuff and nothing says mushy like matching tees. Find the adorable Addicted To Black for Queens and Kings at buydopethreads.com.